Sunday, 25 May 2014

Can't. Stop. Planting

I broke down today and bought some more strawberries. This gives me a third kind. Carol gave me some store bought everbearing strawberries and some wild ones. The ones I bought today are "June bearing" and had small strawberries already. I put them on the porch while we went out for family stuff. When we got back, something had eaten some of the strawberries, or at least parts of them. I suspect Chipmunks. It didn't really look like a bird had gotten to it. If it becomes a problem, I'll try bird netting, but if it is chipmunks (which we have lots of), the netting won't help.
I also bought another oregano to put in my herb garden. Oh, I don't think I updated about my herb garden. I think the last I posted, I had put down mulch and had my herbs in pots. The more I thought about it, the more I wanted it to be a proper herb garden. You know, with the plants in the ground. I asked Greg if he would be mad if the mint spread into the grass and he said no, so I did it. I put the herbs mostly in the back along the paving stones by the garage and the oregano and basil in the front. I broke down today and bought a second oregano. Basil and oregano are the herbs we use the most. I seem to have trouble with basil. I've killed one basil already this year and a second looks really sad. The third I put right into the garden by the tomatoes. There are websites out there about "companion planting" and what plants go well with others. It seems like basil and tomatoes go well together and not just in meals. I also put chive by the tomatoes and dill in with the lettuce. That was before I put the rest of the herbs into the ground so, depending on how things go, I may move some of those herbs down to the herb garden.
I had help planting the herbs. I did buy basil, dill, sage and leek seeds today. I thought that at least this way of killing basil is cheaper. I managed to shoehorn the leeks into the garden. Another issue I've been thinking about is trellises for my peas, beans and cucumbers. I saw what Carol has for trellises and like the idea, but I don't know that I need to do that, at least for this year. She used metal electrical conduit to make a frame over rebar in the ground with a netting with big openings attached to it. Looking at where my beans and peas are, I could just attach the netting to the PVC that I put in for frost covers. The beans and peas are mostly in line with those. I just need the netting and something to put in for the cucumbers. I think I'll just get more tomato cages for them for this year. That is an inexpensive way to solve it for this year. I probably only need to get one cage as one of the tomatoes could be put on the netting I put in.

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