Sunday, 18 May 2014

A busy weekend

Friday I spent the morning rearranging the kitchen. I didn't get nearly as much accomplished as I had hoped, but it looks better. I finished the scarf/hood combo that I was working on. It just needs buttons. I'll have to get pictures.
I started mulching the flower garden this weekend. I need to get that finished. What I did start and finish this weekend was the little weed garden beside the garage. It had lots of garlic mustard and some small trees in it. When I was clearing out some of the garlic mustard last weekend, I found a few pretty ferns. I left those there.
When I took this picture, I had already cut down the small trees that were in this area. I was able to remove some of the roots of most of the trees.
I still need to cut up the trees to put them in the compost, but I don't really have a place to put them. I finished cutting up some branches I had cut out a couple weeks ago and put them in the compost bins for the city. I pulled a bunch (like almost a wheel barrow full) of thistle out of the thistle garden yesterday. I found a few pavers in the middle of the bed. I am far from being finished with the pulling of the thistle. It may be a losing battle, but I'm hoping to reduce the amount of thistle in there. The bed has many young trees (that I'll probably want to remove) and some pretty ground cover. We discovered that the two bushes that are in it close to the road aren't actually lilacs. I really should figure out what they are. We want to trim them down some. I did discover that there is poison ivy in that bed as well. I think it is all on one end of it. On that end is also a half dead evergreen shrub of some sorts and a bush that looks good but is full of thorns. That bed is mostly on the neighboring lot, which I need to remember, so I really can't do anything major to it.

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