Monday, 2 February 2015

Fairy door

Valerie's friend has a fairy door in her house. She leaves little things for the fairy and the fairy leaves little things for her.

I thought this was a good idea. I'm not so sure any more.

Her friend's mom, K, gave me a door (and the door knob to go with it) that she had purchased. It was plain wood. Oddly enough, I could only find two tubes of craft paint. I used to have tons of the stuff, but must have cleared much of it out for some move. I had purchased violet paint for the sand tray and managed to find a lonely tub of white.  I painted the door.

I put on two coats. Our house is dry so the paint dried very quickly and I was mostly able to keep going without pausing. Two coats just covered better. K said she used a glossy paint and thought it worked better. I just wanted to use what I had so I used the craft paint and put two coats of Modge Podge on it. The Dorr has a window, so I glued a scrap of fabric to the back for a "curtain".

Our house has this perfect place for a fairy door. Where the stairs come down, the bottom step wraps around the partial wall.

I used double sided tape to stick it to the wall on K's recommendation. The double sided tape we have is the padded, thick stuff so that's what I used. I didn't think to ask if she meant that or the thin stuff. If you look, you can see it, but I think it's OK.

The fairy left a note that says something like:

To the Fleming Family,

We heard from our friends, who live with your friend, A, that you are nice. We hope it is OK that we share your house with you.

The fairies.

Valerie wrote back welcoming them to our house.  She was upset that they didn't give her anything the next day. She's been upset about this often. She's left more notes and little gifts for the fairies, and gets upset that the fairies take her notes and don't leave her anything. Trying to explain that the fairies aren't likely to give her something every day or that they're busy does no good.

The fairies have given the girls an origami star each and another note. Valerie asked what their names are. The mom is Pennyroyal (Penny), the dad is Hibiscus and the daughters are Zephyr (Zip) and Wren.

This has mostly been fun so far, but I'm a bit annoyed that Valerie expects things from the fairies daily. I'm going to continue working on getting her to understand that the fairies have their own lives and won't be able to give her notes or gifts every day.

I'm not sure if Valerie would recognize my hand writing, so I've been writing notes for Valerie on the computer with a script printed font.