Friday, 18 April 2014

Coming soon...more regular posts

I've come to the conclusion that I need to post here regularly about what I'm working on rather than just trying to post about finished projects once they're done. The idea of going back and writing a full post about a project afterward has just been daunting. I hope to do some of that soon, but until then there will be briefer updates about stuff I've been working on. Knitting and spinning came to a screeching halt when I cut my thumb. I'm now fully healed from that although if I hit it just right it still hurts sometimes. At knit night on Wednesday, I did a gauge swatch with Lamb's Pride bulky in 3 shades of blue (one ply each shade it looks like). I plan to make a simple cardigan with it, perhaps with this pattern: I like that it's simple and should knit up quickly. The lack of cables or other pattern is fine for this multicolored yarn. My concern is that it's a DROPS pattern, which wasn't very clear for my first cardigan, but turned out a beautiful cardigan. It is much longer than this shows, but otherwise fits me well. I've been working on building garden beds. I've never had a proper garden before although I remember going out to pick things from our garden when I was young. I want my kids to have that same memory. In the past I've grown tomatoes and loved being able to send Valerie out to pick tomatoes, which she loves eating. I'm currently thinking tomatoes, beans, peas, cucumbers, green onions and rhubarb. I've planted my rhubarb outside of the raised bed as our dirt is decent and I'm hoping it will get big. It has been in a pot for 2 years and in the ground at the old house for a year before that. I knew we wanted to move and wanted to bring it with me. I had two plants there but the other was much smaller and I wasn't sure how it would work. Dad says he'll bring me some established plant cut offs from a friend of his. I'm looking forward to that.
The girls and my Father-in-law helped me build them. Or rather we helped my Father-in-law build them
We had to put them kind of in the middle of the back yard to get sun. We have many mature trees around so we had to compromise between the place that they would get the most sun and the place that they would be least in the way.
THen we got them sunk into the ground. Again we had help. We also put in a way of being able to cover the beds in case of frost. This picture only shows the hoops on one bed, but they both have them. I think I'll mostly leave the hoops off unless we need them.
Yesterday I had a load of potting mix (top soil/compost mix) delivered. 3 cubic yards. The pile wasn't as large as I had feared, but will still take some time to move. Again I had help. I managed to get one bed almost filled. I added 3 cubic feet of peat to the bed to help keep the soil lighter. I only put in enough soil in the other to keep the layer of paper down. The paper is to kill off the grass there. I'm hoping to get the other filled tonight. I want to use some of the rest of the soil to start some seeds inside. I also have a wisteria to plant. I found one at Aldo for $3 so I thought I'd give it a try. I guess I could be waiting up to 10 years to see flowers. Good thing I got it now, eh?

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