Friday, 25 April 2014

Gardening and sweater 5

The garden has been progressing. I've planted a row each of peas and bean seeds. I even have one pea sprout. There are a couple other sprouts, but one isn't where I planted seeds, so there is something else in there.
A couple weeks ago, I took a couple green onions that I had cut off about an inch above the roots (I used the rest) and put them in water. I had heard that you could regrow the onions that way. The roots really grew and the greens grew a bit. Today I planted them in a corner of the garden. We'll see what happens. I do want to plant some green onions properly too.
I've still not been doing lots of crafting, but today I got around to blocking sweater #5. I finished the pieces a few weeks ago, but I rather dread blocking, so I've been putting it off. In case I didn't write this before. I altered the pattern a little on the sleeves. When I finished the first sleeve, I noticed it was rather long. I held it to my arm and decided to shorten it by a couple inches. I tore out the upper arm shaping and removed 2 inched, I think. When I blocked the pieces today, they all still ended up longer than the measurements show. This is a constant problem for me. I think it has something to do with how the test swatch is measured after blocking, but all the pieces are measured before blocking. I really need to start making the pieces shorter than what the pattern calls for. What I really should do is measure the test swatch before and after blocking to figure out the difference and adjust accordingly. Sounds like work.

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