Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Sweater update

Looking back, it seems I haven't updated on my sweater in quite a while. So, the back. I got about 2/3rd of the back finished and realized that I made a mistake in the cabling.
The first two repeats are correct. In the next 3, I forgot one twist in the center. I couldn't bear the thought of ripping it all out so I continued and made the next repeats correct. Now there are 2 correct, 3 incorrect and 2 1/2 correct. It almost looks intentional. I'm calling it a "signature". Here's a better picture showing the mistake:
That's how far I was when I noticed. :( I finished the back and the left front without too many incidents, non major. I started the right front. Again I noticed a cable error. This one I had to correct. Since I had already completed half of the front (it's a cardigan) any errors will be obvious so I ripped out most of one repeat to fix it. This time I had forgotten the second cable on the side twists. It looked very odd. Later I realized I had repeated a row that led to an odd shaped cable so I had to fix that as well. It only involved tearing out a few rows. I'm getting good at it :D I guess I did get a picture of the first right front cable mistake. This one I corrected. It looks like I had to tear out a full repeat.
Here's where the left front (corrected) was as of Friday
I've made it to the arm hole shaping as of last night. Another good night of knitting and I should be close to finishing this piece. Then it's on to sleeves.

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