Saturday, 25 January 2014


OK, this isn't going to be a post about me making something, but it is about a project that I've been working on over the past week. We bought the house we live in this past summer. There have been a few minor changes that we've made to it, the most exciting for me was to convert the addition to the basement into my craft room. Of lesser importance was painting the pantry. I love that the house has a pantry in the basement built under the stairs. It was plain wood, which wasn't an issue, but the walls of the basement are cinder block and that was one of the areas where the walls weren't painted, so they were shedding a bit onto the shelves. I really wanted to get the wall painted before using the pantry, but ended up using it some (very unorganized). I have a goal of getting the basement better organized (it's been a catch all since we put the new floor in) and it didn't really make sense to get the pantry properly organized and then paint it in a couple months. Here's what it looked like originally:
I used some of the leftover primer that I used in my craft room. There wasn't a whole lot left, but I made the wall the priority before doing any of the shelves, which could have taken any paint. There was quite a collection of paint cans left in the basement from the previous owners. Our house has some odd colors in some of the rooms, but there were a few cans of white. Between the primer and one can of paint I found, I made it this far:
So I had covered much of the area, but it definitely needed a second coat. I managed to get a second coat on some of it. I tried a couple other cans of white, but they were watery and chunky. I managed to get one mixed enough to be smoother, but it didn't really want to stick to the wood, so I gave up on that paint. A little more searching led to another can of whitish paint. It's a bit more blue than I was aiming for, but I wasn't being really picky as to what it looked like. I finished a first coat on the few areas that I couldn't get to last weekend and was going to be ok with the pantry being 2 different colors, but I had enough to recoat the whole thing. Here's how it looks:
I didn't paint any of the outside. I was really tired of painting this by the time I finished the first day. It's a bit bluer than it looks in the pictures. I'm mostly just happy to be finished with it. My husband will be away in the evenings this week, so I won't be able to work in the basement in the evenings as I wouldn't be able to hear the girls. It should be a week of crafting after the girls go to bed. It will be good :) I've been working on my sweater and have done a bit of spinning that I will try to post about soon.

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