Friday, 3 January 2014

Anglo-Saxon rings

A few months ago, a friend was tagged in a photo of a ring that they had made. With all this wire, I decided that I needed to try to make one. I fail.
I didn't cut the wire long enough. It's supposed to wrap around the band on each side a couple times. Oops.
I've trimmed the wire so it wouldn't snag, but in my playing around I scratched part of the spiral, so it isn't as smooth as it should be. Here is a link to a tutorial for the rings from a friend of mine. My 5 year old asked for a ring, so I made her a small one:
She likes it and has misplaced it at least twice already. I was going to try another ring for me but we have sickness in our family and spent the evening taking care of daughters instead. I will try another soon.


  1. What size wire is this? And is it silver?

  2. I used 18 gauge "silver". I believe it's either plated or "silver filled" copper. It's what I found at the local craft store for not too expensive.

    1. According to a chart I found, 18 gauge is 1.02 mm. They do make a similar "gold" wire. I can't afford the real thing for silver or copper...especially in these early days of jewelry making.