Monday, 7 September 2015

What's off my bobbin?

While on vacation in July, I spun up this beautiful fiber that I bought from Inglenook Fibers via Etsy. It is 3.5 oz of beautiful Tussah silk.

Beautiful braid from Inglenook Fibers

Midway through spinning silk singles

It felt like it took much longer to spin than a similar weight of wool, possibly due to the extra twist required. Possibly it was also due to my Dad repeatedly telling me that it would be easier just to buy the yarn. He just doesn't understand.

I chain plied it to maintain the colors and wrapped it in a skein and kind of forgot about it until this week when I set the twist (am I supposed to do this with silk, like with wool?), thwapped it and hung it to dry. It turned the water an impressive shade of green.

Thankfully the wool I had in with it was dark colored. It didn't seem to affect it.

Here is the final project. I'm not sure what I want to do with it yet. By my calculations, I have 105 yards.

This is what's on my bobbin right now. It is 2.8 oz of Tussah silk, also from Inglenook Fibers. Tonight I get to ply!

I know Spinzilla is coming up, but I didn't think silk would be the best option to get lots spun during the week, but then I finished plying this silk in two evenings after the girls went to bed, so that wasn't bad.

Next is plying this and then working on a couple samples to be ready for Spinzilla. When I bought wool last fall, I had this idea for some barber pole striped yarn. I'm not convinced anymore that the yellow and brown that I got for it is the best idea.

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  1. Oh dad! Sheesh. The yarn is gorgeous nonetheless.