Monday, 29 December 2014


Last night's (and this morning's) project was...marshmallows

Friends have been posting the link to a marshmallow recipe and talking about how home made marshmallows are better than the ones from the store, so I thought I'd try it.

This is the recipe (Alton Brown usually has good recipes)

I thought I'd taken pictures of the marshmallows last night after I piped them out, but I don't see it so I must not have. I've been having problems with the camera on my phone.

The recipe was easy to follow and seems to have worked. Piping them out was a mess. The first bag full was fine, but it got sticky from there. Perhaps next time putting it into a ziplock where more will fit or I can use a second would be better. The piping is my main complaint about this recipe. I know I could have spread them in a pan and cut them later, but I wanted to try mini-marshmallows.

The other thing I tried was making shaped marshmallows. This mostly didn't work. I have silicone molds that I sprayed and dusted with the corn starch and confectioners sugar, but between the mix clumping and distorting the marshmallows and not completely coating the mold so that the marshmallow stuck in places, most of the molded marshmallows failed rather miserably.

The top are the piped and cut marshmallows. Across the bottom are gingerbread man, snowman, owl, a couple hearts, another gingerbread man and a cat. 

The marshmallows taste good. I had food coloring so I added a bit of purple, so the marshmallows are purple. Are they worth the work, perhaps. 

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